15 reasons you should take Comm 368 with Mullen

  1. She is the most dedicated professor I have come to know.
  2. Mullen teaches you how important it is to be credible as a public relations professional. Otherwise, you will not be taken seriously in your career.
  3. Her class involves activities that place you right in the public relations field, which helps you get a job!
  4. She gives you real-world experience by working with businesses around the community.
  5. She connects you with people in your field, which displays how essential it is to make connections with others.
  6. She guides you through WordPress, LinkedIn, and Canva, and she makes sure that you know how these websites can assist you in your career.
  7. Amid crises around the world, Mullen explains how to handle the conflict with ease as a public relations professional.
  8. Mullen expresses through her teaching that you have to love what you do and be proud of the work you are doing. I.E., DO what you love. LOVE what you do.
  9. She provides you with opportunities that will last a lifetime and further your education.
  10. Resumes, cover letters, and business cards are all essential to a successful career. Through Mullen’s class, you will get the opportunity to perfect your portfolio.
  11. She gives you the necessary tools to make sure that you are successful in whatever you do.
  12. She expresses that everyone needs to have their own elevator pitch. This pitch will allow you to land your DREAM job. 
  13. She shows you how vital grammar and your writing style is in the public relations field.
  14. She comes to class every day loving what she does, which makes you want to be present.
  15. Her class is engaging and will make you want to make the world a better place.

One thought on “15 reasons you should take Comm 368 with Mullen

  1. I agree with all 15 points you address. I have found Ms. Mullen to be a great professor that really cares about her students. I really agree with point 9 because she is all about making sure what you do now will help your future. She is an easy person to get along with and puts her all into everything she does. Everything you say is very accurate. Thank you for this blog because I have really enjoyed it.


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