Don’t make this unethical mistake like United Airlines did

United Airlines dragged a passenger off an overbooked plane in April 2017 that created a media frenzy. The video broadcasted on Twitter by a passenger on the flight shows the passenger screaming in agony as he is being forced to leave the flight. However, the airline’s purpose is to fly friendly, fly right, and fly together, yet they disrespected and humiliated a passenger aboard Flight 3411 to Louisville. The bloodied passenger is pictured below as he is being dragged off the plane.

The passenger who was forced off the United Airlines plane.
Source: CNN

They didn’t make decisions with empathy or be a warm and welcoming face like their purpose states; they were hateful and unfriendly as they pressured the passenger to leave the aircraft. The airline had four employees that needed to go to Louisville, but why couldn’t they have just gotten on the next flight out to Louisville? Why force a customer who paid for his ticket and is causing no harm to leave his seat? Why create more problems for their company, when there is a solution right in front of them? United Airlines should not have overbooked Flight 3411 and should have told all passengers while checking in that they might be bumped to the next flight. In the future, United should be more transparent and upfront about their policies when a flight is overbooked. This type of unethical behavior displayed on a United Airlines aircraft hurts the organization in the long run. United will always have this headline tarnishing their image. The airline industry is competitive with many other air carriers vying and competing for more customers. United will always have to go above and beyond if they do not want more customers to abandon their airline. This crisis gives customers a reason to book their flights with other air carriers on their own free will. Overbooked flights might not be a problem for United Airlines from now on.


2 thoughts on “Don’t make this unethical mistake like United Airlines did

  1. Thanks for posting Lauren! This was a really great post. I had completely forgotten about the United Airlines scandal. Rereading this with the structure of questions in the concluding paragraph really puts it into perspective for the reader. The word choice was really great as well. You could tell the severity of the situation and feel her emotion behind the story. This was a great addition to your blog. I look forward to reading more posts from your page.


  2. Lauren! I really enjoyed reading your blog post. I feel like almost every week as I am scrolling through my social media, I see something similar to this about passengers on a flight. I personally, have only been in an airplane once, and didn’t have any major problems with overbooking. United Airlines is one of the biggest known names in air travel, and this scandal that broke out two years ago still looms over their head, and probably will forever. Yes, I agree that they should have handled the situation a little bit better and not have overbooked that flight, but now they can look ahead now and hopefully prevent this from happening again! Great blog post and an example!


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